Three month check-in.

It’s 5:24am and the house is quiet. Hubby is snoring and our little person is stirring. I’ve been up since about 5am. It’s in this quiet times that I get to do a lot of my thinking, planning, praying, etc. It’s in these times that I tend to look back on photos of when we first brought Morgan home. I like to see the growth in her but it is moving at rapid speed. If there is one word that I would use to describe these last three months, it would be change.

I know this much for sure, life is not the same. Each day there is something new to learn and once we’ve gotten comfortable, she changes again. It keeps us on our toes. At three months, she’s growing to be so independent and eager. She’s rolling over, laughing, trying her hardest to talk, wants to hold her bottle and loves to play. It’s enchanting to watch the world through her eyes. I can become frustrated by an email I received but I’ll look over at her and she’ll be on awe of her toes (we are discovering body parts everyday…yesterday was knees) or she’ll be mesmerized by her own reflection. It’s in these little moments that I take a deep breath and ultimately break down whatever it is to it’s simplest form. Can I fix it? Yes. Then how? If not, then let it go. It’s really that simple. She’s taught me that.

It’s summertime in the city and I anticipate that it will be chock full of our favorites: picnics in the park, brunch, garden visits, street fairs and festivals. My aim is too take it all in. Morgan absolutely loves being outside and while I’m home I plan on making the most of our summer together and taking the photos to prove it.

This little girl excites me in ways that are brand new to me. We are still learning about one another and forming our individual relationships. Mommy and Daddy are focused on saving a little time for ourselves outside of parenthood, Mommy is learning how to trust others and ultimately be ok with sometimes being away from Morgan for more than the current record of five hours (Lol but not really😔) and from the looks of it, Miss Morgan is just happy to be here. I’d say that life is pretty good these days.

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